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Q: How does this work?

A: As a college student or someone who has recently graduated from college you would be talking to high school students about whatever school you are attending or have attended. These students may consider enrolling at the same school that you are at. Sometimes you would also be talking to the high school student's parents. The high school student will request a date and time to speak with you. These calls can take place over skype, cell phone or through our website messaging platform once you have confirmed the time requested.

Q: What happens if I am unavailable for the date and time requested by the high school student?

A: You can either request another time to speak to the student or we can look to find another provider to speak to the student.

Q: Is this a paid opportunity?

A: Yes this is a paid opportunity. The pay is $10 per hour.

Sample Profile


Miami, FL

About Me

Hey all. My name is Stephanie.Right now I am third year psychology major and I absolutely love it! What I enjoy the most about my school is that the student body is quite diverse. There are students from over 50 different countries that are attending my school. There are sooooo many cultures and ethnicities that are represented by the student body overall. The majority of my classmates can speak multiple languages. Greek life is very important to the majority of students. This is perfect for me because I always wanted to be in a sorority. What I appreciate about my school the most is that we have a favorable professor to student ratio which means small classes that works better for my style of learning. This also means that your professors will know you by your name. You will find that in your classes you will have a range of students. There can be from students who always love to party to students who enjoy working on an extra credit project for a chemistry class on a Friday night! In most of my classes I have found class participation to be an important part of your grade for the semester. Professors will spend additional time with you to clarify the papers and exams that are assigned. What I was also impressed with was that the professors showed true passion for the subjects that they were teaching. In addition they also take an interest in their students in terms of what their career ambitions are upon graduation. They offered hundreds of majors youcan choose from. The biggest advice I can share with freshman is to be diligent with your studies. It can be very easy to party with so much nightlife close to the campus. There are many night clubs and bars that are all within walking distance. Another benefit to attending this school is that they have so many extra circular activities to participate in. Students overall enjoy attending sporting events. Baseball is the most popular sport on campus. This year I am involved with cheerleading and girls tennis. I have been able to make MANY friends as a result! I would recommend all students to get involved with on campus events to network. Another option would be going on a study abroad program that the school offers. The school also provides resources if you are looking for extra help in a given subject and will provide you a tutor if needed. Most of the students have a high fashion IQ. Being that a good percentage of the students are wealthy you will notice pricey designer brand names from what the students are wearing. It is not uncommon for students to be driving brand new cars or going to exotic places after their semester ends. If you are considering becoming a psychology major or just want to know more about my school you can schedule a call with me and I would be happy to go over this with you!