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I couldn't be more proud to be a Bruin. UCLA had always been my dream school; I had heard so many great things about UCLA from my older brother (graduated in 2011 with a Neuroscience B.S.), and I've always wanted to experience LA as a huge Laker fan. Going into UCLA, I had ambitions to become a sports medicine doctor with a career as a violinist and musician on the side. It was the perfect place for that, with UCLA being one of the top sports schools and research institutions with one of the best hospital and music program.

I dropped my violin performance major after the first month to focus on pre-med. With the hundreds of student organizations available on campus, I was able to experience the social fraternity and club life, gaining plenty of new friends in the process. It was certainly a competitive environment, especially as a pre-med, but I was surrounded by smart and hard-working peers who were more often than not willing to collaborate. However, towards the end of my first year at UCLA, everything changed. I realized that the research and medical school path was one I didn't want to take, as it didn't fit the faster-paced, high-impact lifestyle I desired. I had an entrepreneurial itch, desired to explore other fields, and wanted to get an even more diverse group of friends.

It was through that process that I found the Sigma Eta Pi Co-Ed Entrepreneurship Fraternity and the field of Cognitive Science. The fraternity was the most diverse I’ve ever been a part of, with members coming from all kinds of majors and backgrounds. And Cognitive Science was the perfect field for me—an interdisciplinary study of the human mind. I became really involved in the UCLA startup and cognitive science communities, doing things like helping to organize the nation’s largest hackathon and reviving the UCLA Cognitive Science Student Association. I also kickstarted my professional career by leveraging UCLA resources, such as becoming a Startup UCLA / UCLA Venture Capital Fund fellow and a William Sharpe Fellow. And most importantly, I lived and breathed the UCLA spirit, making sure to support Bruins across many different student groups and sports teams.

UCLA gave me the best four years of my life, and I hope to give back to UCLA in a huge way one day.”

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